Does technology impact your child's success?

May 3, 2020

New technology holds great potential for our children's success. It can help them discover, learn and communicate. In order for our technology to serve our kids best, we customize it with our personally identifiable information. Like a parent or a best friend, our kid's technology learns about them and gets better and better at giving them what they need or what they want. The downside is that It Knows All About Our Kids – this data can be tracked, mined, and misused with consequences over the course of our child’s lifetime. 

We need to educate our children. But, it has to start with parents first. It’s our responsibility as parents to help our kids succeed. Failure to protect our children’s privacy is a major threat to their success. 

  • Loss of  control and ownership. Control and ownership of personal information and basic privacy is given up after the data is provided to physicians, schools and caregivers. 
  • Right to autonomy. Surveillance seen and unseen can cause children to censor themselves and be averse to exploring new things.
  • Personal  and financial security. With news stories of identity theft, data breaches, and hackers it is difficult for parents to feel that their children’s data is secure. And sometimes parents unknowingly contribute to the problem, Barclay’s reports that by 2030, two-thirds of all identity fraud facing young people will be the result of parents sharing personal information about them online. 
  • Freedom To Explore And Make Mistakes: We owe it to our children to protect their right to explore, make mistakes, and find their voice without the fear that a permanent digital record could impact their future by labeling them or limiting their opportunities 
  • Personal Choices: It’s our responsibility as parents to guide our children and teach them the impact of their life choices. Their digital life is no exception. Just as we would teach them to look both ways when crossing the street, we teach them that it is their choice on what and who gets their data and their attention. That said, we as parents, have to model this for them first by creating an online environment that is secure and safe so that they have a place ready for them when it comes time to start giving them the autonomy to make those choices on their own.

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, but our commitment as parents to the success of our children remains the same. At TreeRings, our mission is to empower parents to make good on this commitment. 

It’s our job to safeguard our child’s data until the time comes for them to do it on their own. Visit our to learn more about children’s data privacy and learn how you can create a private vault to protect your child’s personal information today.