TreeRings - The First Family CRM

August 10, 2020

TreeRings puts a child’s entire story at the center.  One place to aggregate all the information from various sources into one single source of truth that parents can then grant access to other caregivers involved in their child's journey.

We designed TreeRings by listening and learning from parents.  We heard the same story that their children’s information was scattered everywhere, important details, milestones and events were being lost and everyone involved in their child’s development was working from a different source of information.     

What we also found was that parents were forced to make up their own process of how they organized and managed information about their children.  It was manual,  time consuming and always had to be repeated over and over whenever there was a medical visit, a new caretaker or a new teacher that needed to know the child and their context.  

It turns out we solved this very problem in the business world for the customer persona. It’s called customer relationship management (CRM).  This technology solution and process allows businesses to know their customers better than the customer knows themselves! It aggregates all the history about the customer and the team that is involved in the customer’s success has access to the accurate information they need to do their jobs.

So why haven’t we done the same thing for children and their success?  One place where all of their information is stored, updated, organized and accessed by the people who have a role in the child’s care and protection.  A process that is owned and controlled by the parents with the focus always on the success of the child.

Every child is unique and has their story.  What we felt was needed was a method to capture the unique characteristics of the child.  Almost like an ‘operations manual” or “the proper care and feeding guide” for said child.  This profile could then be easily shared with caretakers and keep them on the same page all the time!  

Timmy has a new allergy?  Update in one place and everyone is automatically notified.  Stacy has a new home project that takes priority?  Again, update in one place and everyone knows how best they can support her.  

We call it TreeRings - A family CRM where the child's entire journey is at the center. It can be considered a modern day keepsake.  The controls and tools we have built give parents the ability to see who is in their child’s village, what information they have access to and the ability to change the relationship to match their child’s journey.  Caretakers can also “contribute” their insights, fun events, ideas and milestones for parent’s review.  This curation process ensures data accuracy and organization of the information.  

Eventually we will include other types of profiles such as grandparents and special needs to continue to develop a true Family CRM that supports what really matters.  Let us know what you think by contacting us .